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Arranging office for rent, open or closed Which one is better?

โพสโดย gizoyusadi0009 บน June 20, 2023

“Hesitate, don't know how to arrange an office for rent, between open and closed. Until now, I still can't decide.” Who is having this problem? Today we are going to compare the difference between an open plan office setup and a blackout office setup. To help you decide to choose the most suitable for your office.

What kind of office rental is right for you?

When it comes to organizing an office for rent, many people start to have questions in their mind about how to arrange it to be good and suitable. Although it seems that this may not matter much. But in fact, the office is a working environment that results in people working well. Or not good as well And attentive, no different from other matters. The office layout can be divided into 2 styles: open-plan office and closed office Each of which is different as follows:

Arranging an open office for rent (Open Office) Is this right for you?

Arrangement of an open-air office for rent, no barriers, many employees share a desk. This encourages employees to work together freely. and exchange views and opinions easily It is also easy to communicate with each other. In addition, it is also an opportunity for all employees to interact with each other. and become intimate faster The overall look of the office looks relaxed. and work more relaxed

Although it seems that this type of office rental has only advantages. On the other hand, research by Ethan Bernstein of Harvard Business School and Stephan Turban of Harvard University titled “The Impact of the 'Open' Workspace on Human Collaboration” found that people who work in open offices without barriers. are less likely to interact with co-workers than those who work separately That's because they can see each other all the time. 

Not only this An open-plan office can also prevent some employees from focusing on their work, so having an open-plan office rental has its pros and cons. that you need to consider thoroughly

Arranging an office for rent with a closed type (Close Office) is this suitable for you?

Organizing an office for rent in a completely enclosed space with a barrier separating each department clearly and have their own personal desk. It's one way to help employees focus on their work with less distractions. and high privacy to concentrate on work Don't be distracted by other matters. 

But the overall picture of the office will look tense. and may seem too serious Until it may cause some employees to be stressed easily Collaborating and exchanging ideas is not as convenient as an open plan, and employees may not be close or interact with everyone. It may be suitable for certain types of work, such as work that requires concentration and calmness.

Regardless of the decision to arrange an office for rent It is necessary to choose to rent an office that is conducive to allocation. And decorate work areas such as CP Tower North Park, which has office space for rent as a large floor plate with a central core layout, combining common areas, including elevators, bathrooms, and fire escapes in the middle of the building. As a result, there is a large space that the tenant can allocate, design and layout with quite a lot of freedom. This rental office is another good option that may be suitable for your organization.

would be difficult to say If you have to conclude whether the office for rent is open or closed. which one is better But a good way that we can advise you is that you should choose to arrange an office for rent to suit the people working in each department. Nature of each type of work And the working style of your organization or company will be the best. In order to arrange an office for rent is another way to help promote more efficient work.

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