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I want to rent an office in Laksi What do business owners need to consider?

โพสโดย CP Land บน July 20, 2023

Having the right office space in a good location Meeting the needs of businesses and employees However, choosing to rent an office in the convenient CBD or Central Business District such as Sathorn, Silom, Rama 4, as well as the New CBD area such as Rama 9 may be followed by expenses that high as well

There is also another area that is becoming interesting and worth watching. "Lak Si - Bang Khen" in northern Bangkok, which is an important transportation connection point There are many facilities spread out. Makes choosing to rent an office in the Laksi area Is one of the options that are no less interesting. Let's see what are the highlights of the Laksi area. Ready to know the factors that must be considered before renting an office in Laksi

Highlights of the Laksi area

ย่านหลักสี่-บางเขน อยู่ในกรุงเทพมหานครทางโซนเหนือ ซึ่งเป็นอีกหนึ่งย่านที่มีความน่าสนใจอย่างมาก

Lak Si - Bang Khen in Bangkok in the northern zone This is another area that is very interesting.

The first reason is Laksi district is one of the important transportation links in Bangkok. which is an interchange point of important roads such as Phaholyothin Road, Chaeng Watthana Road and Ram Inthra Road, including Vibhavadi Rangsit Road which is a special highway or super highway (Super Highway) that connects Bangkok and Phaholyothin Road to the north. and the Northeast. In addition, do not forget the various electric train lines that cross, whether it is the Green, Pink and Red Lines, making it easy to travel to other parts of Bangkok.

Another reason that cannot be overlooked is Abundance in terms of facilities can meet the basic needs of life as well Whether it is shopping centers and stores such as Max Value, Lotus, Central Ramindra, The Mall Ngamwongwan, Major Ratchayothin, etc. Hospitals such as Vibhavadi Hospital Paolo Kaset Hospital Central General Hospital, etc. There are also government agencies and universities in the surrounding area as well. It can be said that it is an area that can be used in a comprehensive way.

It can be seen that the Laksi area is a very interesting area. Currently, there are many condominium projects under construction. to support people who come to work and live in this area There are also building spaces for rent in Lak Si offices to choose from. Makes a good quality of life, not different from living in the city center or other areas

When choosing to rent an office in Lak Si area, you need to know these 5 things.

For any business owner or organization planning to expand. Relocated to rent an office in Laksi Of course, there are many factors to consider before deciding on an office in the area.

  1. location and convenience

Even in the Lak Si area, there are many roads and electric trains passing through. However, it must be carefully looked at that office. Is it in a location that can easily travel back and forth? Or have a convenient travel route such as a bus Public vans, electric trains or offices on the road travel smoothly because in addition to solving the problem of traffic congestion It also helps employees or customers traveling to the office to easily find the location.

  1. Area size and number of employees

Choosing to rent an office in Lak Si area that has a size related to the number of employees is important. To prevent problems such as insufficient office space for staff desks Causing staff to be separated in different areas The office space is too small to the extent that various facilities cannot be used, etc. It is advisable to choose an office that has a spacious rental space throughout the floor. It has a column-free design that can be easily adjusted. and support for future expansion

  1. office facilities

A good office building should have complete facilities for working, such as a spacious meeting room. shared common area Dining area, Wi-Fi system covers the whole building Security system, parking to relaxation areas such as green space (Green Space)

  1. Places and facilities in the surrounding area 

In addition to the office itself In the surrounding area there should be various places. in facilitating employees Whether it's a store or a shopping center for shopping or buying lunch, a bank, a hospital, make sure you have everything you need. that meets the basic needs of employees

  1. Office rental budget

Laksi district is considered to be one of Bangkok's developing CBDs. which is considered to have high potential Causing office prices in this location to have a chance to skyrocket Therefore, you should plan and put a budget that can really pay. It will help manage expenses more efficiently. Choose an office with rental rates that are balanced with business income.

All of these are factors that you should know and consider carefully before choosing to rent an office in Lak Si area. Or other districts, however, the above are only part of the factors that affect the decision only. because there are other components Many more to be taken into account with that.

known as Highway 31

For any businesses and organizations that are planning to rent an office in Lak Si. known as Highway 31 is a complete option comes with attention to every dimension that every business needs

C.P. Tower North Park (CP Tower North Park) isGrade A Office in Northern Bangkok with high growth potential and continued in the future The building comes with intelligence, security and high privacy. Managed under C.P. Land Public Company Limited with over 40 years of experience.

rental area It's a poleless type. (Column-Free) can share or customize the area easily and conveniently. The ceiling height in the office is not less than 2.8-3.3 meters, giving a feeling of openness and airiness. The important thing is that the building is located in the North Park project. Surrounded by green spaces under the concept of Office in The Park, ensuring that every area of the CP Tower North Park building is fully utilized and suitable for all types of business.

Interested in renting space, contact

Office Marketing Department, C.P. Land Public Company Limited 

Tel: 083-989-1505



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