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Techniques to turn a rental office into a dream co-working space

โพสโดย gizoyusadi0009 บน June 6, 2023

Techniques to turn a rental office into a dream co-working space 

Even if it's a rental office, you can turn your office into a co-working space of your dreams. 

Co-Working space has become a popular place for students. and working people who come to use the service to read books, work in a beautiful atmosphere stylish decoration Not boring like other offices, with enough facilities to meet the needs of work. In addition, working in a Co-Working space atmosphere is also highly flexible. The overall atmosphere is more relaxed and comfortable than the traditional office style, which affects work, especially work that requires thinking, ideas, work quality tends to be more efficient. As a result, nowadays, new Co-Working spaces are constantly being created and gaining popularity for accessing services as well. 

But because Co-Working space has some important limitations that cannot meet the needs as well as having your own office. Especially the privacy number of employees of the company and problems in the convenience of keeping important documents or office equipment Therefore, the new generation of executives decided to bring the specialty of Co-Working space to adapt in their own office. Turn your workplace into a space full of energy, ideas and creativity. Increase closeness between executives and employees. Representing modernity, lifestyle, attention to detail of executives.

In addition, the atmosphere encourages discussion. exchange attitudes Increase efficiency in working together fluently in another way. Which draws out the important gimmick of the Co-Working space to be applied in the rental office not difficult There are a few criteria. 

The design must be beautiful, eye-catching and unique. 

The key feature that makes Co-Working space become a trend that makes many people decide to come to work and change the atmosphere is "design", having a clear design and style. uniquely beautiful At the same time it must be comfortable for the eyes. can change your office to have positive energy in itself From good ideas and arrangements Choosing a color scheme that creates peace, relaxation, looks at the whole picture and fits well. There is a selection and placement of things. office supplies Furniture to match the office with care not choose anything But will choose only those that can make your rental office semi-co-working space beautiful and harmonious as the same picture 

In addition to turning a rental office into a small co-working space, it will help the work. And the relationship of people in the organization in a good direction as well Having a beautiful office that is nice to work like this can also create a good first impression for customers. contact person And including people who will become your employees in the future as well 

space allocation is the heart 

Bringing ideas to change the rental office To become a small Co-Working space, it is necessary to pay special attention to the allocation of space. Because we are not really a Co-Working space, every employee needs to have a table-chair position. There is a personal space to place documents. Place some personal items Makes you unable to open up for people to reserve seats among themselves without a fixed seat and to make it as easy as possible to allocate We recommend dividing the area into 4 main areas together: 

– Employee area depending on the number of employees How many divisions of work in your company should be divided? divided into how many divisions Where should there be a separate area? Or which side should work in a way that brings the whole team together?

– Meeting room zone It's called an office. Must have a space that facilitates meetings, meeting clients, or brainstorming, so rental offices need a meeting room zone for orderliness, quietness, and privacy.

- common area, relaxation corner, food corner No one can have their heads spinning all day long. If it reaches a dead end, sometimes you need to take a break and relax your brain to start again. The concept of Co-Working space understands this very well. Therefore, there is often a common area to sit and rest your brain for a while. But in the corner of the office, we can adjust it to be more special. We may turn the common area into a corner to eat, relax, have games, books, or have some small activities for people in the organization. Turn this spot into a gathering place in your leisure time. I can't think of work. Break time or work off Become a dream office that everyone would definitely want to work with.

- executive private room Even though the executives want to chill How close to the intimacy do you want to be with the employees? But having a private room for executives is still very important. because in addition to creating a dignified one for himself Private rooms are also convenient for important discussions, planning, important and confidential discussions. Most importantly, it doesn't make the employees too tense.

But to transform an office into a semi-co-working space, especially in a rental office, it is necessary to consider the importance of usable space. and the building structure whether we can decorate it in the style we want or not A rented office that comes out can give a feeling of relaxation. Is it really as comfortable for the eyes as the mind thinks? travel location How is the surrounding comfort? safety management system Will it be able to provide good privacy to the office or not?

which without all this No matter how good the office you created with ideas and attitudes will be. It still has to be a problem. Make it before deciding what kind of office to do. Executives should focus on finding an office for rent, which should be the first place, such as CP Tower North Park, an office for rent for Grade A offices that care about choosing the best. suitable for being a potential location in the heart of the city which is ready to make the office style Co-Working space meet all needs in terms of beauty and surrounding comfort 

– C.P. Tower North Park building is a rental office with a wide area. The size of the rental area per floor is 1,670 square meters, specially designed. Do not have a column between the middle (Column Free), the ceiling in the office is raised (Ceiling Height), up to 2.8 - 3.3 meters high.

- CP Tower, North Park, located on Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, easy to travel by car and public transport Near many important roads, there are buses, near the dark red line train. Thung Song Hong Station is easy to travel in the heart of the city but not crowded. change the quality of life Don't have to live with too much travel. 

- Complete facilities It is designed to meet the needs of green offices. save energy And there is a 24-hour security system. 

If you are Looking for a new office for rent, should choose the CP Tower North Park building. One of the quality office buildings of CP Land Public Company Limited, ready to change your business base. To become a dream office that everyone wants to work with. 

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