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Arrangement of office for rent according to Feng Shui principles It is one of the beliefs related to the environment. or living in harmony with the environment by believing that everything around has energy Pulling out those energies will help create good energy for residents. The most important energy according to feng shui science comes from the wind. or blowing and circulating air Moving water and light, as well as the energy of color, direction, and form, has become popular. Even if it can't be proven, it's another way to create comfort for the residents. because in addition to enhancing good energy Also believed to bring good things, both good work, fortune and money to come in as well Therefore, it is not surprising that Mu people pay attention to the selection, design and decoration of their homes. Including the office or office to be correct according to Feng Shui principles

However, if you are a newbie and don't know how to start organizing an office for rent according to Feng Shui principles? don't worry Because we have gathered techniques for organizing offices for rent according to Feng Shui principles. which you can easily adapt to your own office And it's even easier if you choose a building. C.P. Tower North Park is your rental office. Due to the flexible layout of the rental space, there is a large floor plate with an area ranging from 300-1670 square meters, so you can easily arrange the space in the office according to Feng Shui principles. 

5 tricks to arrange an office for rent correctly according to Feng Shui principles

1. Divide the space within the office for rent into clear proportions.

The division of office space for rent is an important starting point. so that the incoming energy is clearly divided According to correct feng shui, it said The stationary position should be residential. On the other hand, an active location should be an office or office. In case of no residents The top or innermost floor of the office should be the executive room and conference room. The entrance door to the office must be bright. Nothing was blocking or obscuring. in order to bring luck to nourish the place thoroughly Because the entrance door is comparable to the mouth that eats fortune. In addition, the first position after passing through the door should be the accommodation. or a reception area with empty space in order to be the part where the energy is the first part and let the energy rest for better power dissipation

2. Proper desk arrangement within the rental office

The arrangement of the desk within the office for rent is divided into 2 parts: the arrangement of the executive desk. and arrangement of employees' desks

– The executive desk should be at a slant from the entrance door. Which may be in the left or right corner of the room because these 2 corners are the corners of power, power, concentration and fortune. The back of the desk must be a solid wall. It should not be glass, windows or walls that are angled. because it is believed that it will cause a lack of support Unprotected, betrayed and lost opportunities The position behind this is called the position of the black turtle. which means the position of subordinates There shouldn't be Buddha statues. god statue or too many stationary things to hell because stillness implies that subordinates refuse to work Items should be placed in the back sparingly as needed to enhance yang energy. Outdoors, if there are corners of other buildings, roofs or billboards pointing directly to rooms or desks It should be solved by installing curtains. and hang the crystal ball in the position corresponding to the angle aimed at to reflect the piercing energy 

– The employee's desk should be in the diagonal direction with the entrance door. and facing the same direction Do not turn against each other in order to reduce the current power of disagreement The position of the supervisor's seat should be in the lowest position. In the part where there is no way for people to pass behind His subordinates sat down next to each other. In addition, do not arrange a desk to obstruct the executive's walkway. and turned his back to the exit door. because it will easily cause problems with dishonesty and lack of concentration in work Including the desk should not be arranged near the entrance door. Or at the bathroom door too much Because it will make it easy to be distracted. and not willing to work

3. Sufficient lighting within the rental office

Optimum lighting within the Rental Office will have a yang state It can evoke brightness, energy and diligence in the people who live there. You can decorate your office with lights, such as lamps, which can help brighten the office. The work zones of different departments, including the conference room, should be white lights. To stimulate the enthusiasm for work in other zones such as relaxation areas Will suit the yellow light. To feel warm and relaxed, but the light should shine on the desk. Should not shine in the position of the person sitting because it will cause the accumulation of too much energy 

4. The air inside the rental office must be well ventilated.

The air flow inside the rental office may not be wind. It means air conditioning. proper temperature adjustment, not too hot or too cold It will help support a good emotional state. Because according to feng shui principles, it gives importance to feng or wind. This is one of the variables that can cause emotions to rise and fall, slow, rushed, happy and gloomy.

5. Stimulate good energy within the rental office with something that moves.

Create good energy stimuli within the Rental Office with moving objects such as auspicious trees, lucky cats, fish tanks, fountains, waterfalls, etc., placed in the desired position and direction as the direction of luck, for example, fish attracts attention. lucrative and money to come in The fountain represents good and strong financial power. In addition, both the fish and the fountain It also means energy from the water element. to help promote communication and get more good opportunities

which the office is rented like a building C.P. Tower North Park has a fountain circle. Located at the main entrance of the project Considered as a good feng shui energy booster, in addition, every corner of the building can see an open view. Along with being surrounded by a large green area, the building also has sufficient lighting. using both natural light And light from LED lamps, as well as a VRV air conditioning system that can control the coolness in the area that is used appropriately It's not too hot or too cold, so you can easily arrange an office for rent according to Feng Shui principles if you choose the CP Tower North Park building as your rental office.

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